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Pulse by Black Book

Empowering the Automotive Market with Real-time Data
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Project Overview

Pulse, an innovation by Black Book, was designed to revolutionize the automotive market by offering unparalleled insights, drawing from billions of vehicle listings annually. The challenge lay not just in managing this vast dataset but in transforming it into actionable intelligence for stakeholders.

Jared Kalfus
President @Black Book

“They tailored their approach very much to our needs, which was refreshing."

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Key Challenges
Managing Extensive Datasets

Handling billions of vehicle listings annually is no small feat. Efficient storage, speedy retrieval, and ensuring data integrity were our foremost concerns.

Complex Data Aggregations

Simply storing data wasn’t enough. We needed to deduplicate listings and perform aggregations at multiple levels, taking into account historical data for accurate insights.

Delivering Real-time KPIs & Analytics

With a vast dataset, real-time processing was crucial. Users demanded instantaneous KPIs and analytics, filtered by myriad criteria like geography, time, and vehicle/dealer specifics.

Crafting a Compelling UI for a Complex Dataset

Presenting such a massive and intricate dataset in a way that was not only easy to comprehend but also visually appealing was a challenge. Ensuring an optimal balance between accessibility and depth was vital to facilitate varied users, from casual browsers to data analysts.

Solution Approach
Data Preprocessing & Normalization

To manage the daily inflow of data, we optimized data preprocessing techniques, normalizing retail listing data to ensure consistency. This normalized data was then channeled into a high-throughput database designed for rapid access and analytics.

Leveraging Big Data Technologies

To deduplicate and aggregate on multiple levels, we deployed Apache Spark and Hadoop. These platforms allowed us to manage the colossal datasets effectively and integrated well with our existing data management infrastructure.

User Interface & Analytic Features

The user experience was paramount. We created a responsive and intuitive UI, allowing users to:
Effortlessly filter data by any conceivable property, geographical area, or timeframe.
Instantaneously calculate KPIs, even with complex filtering criteria.
Seamlessly compare different vehicle segments at the drop of a hat.
Easily augment external VIN lists with relevant market data, providing enriched insights.


Pulse by Black Book emerged as the go-to platform for real-time insights into the U.S. automotive market. With its advanced features and user-friendly interface, stakeholders from all ends of the spectrum could glean essential market trends, ensuring informed decisions and a competitive edge. As the market continues to evolve, Pulse stands poised to adapt and deliver ever more refined insights.

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