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A global vehicle trading platform connecting dealers around the world
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Project Overview

TradeX is a global vehicle trading platform connecting dealers from different countries around the globe. This platform streamline vehicle transactions while managing transportation, foreign currency exchange and import logistics. Facing a poorly architected legacy system that couldn’t scale to meet market demands and grappling with an unintuitive UI/UX leading to low conversion rates, TradeX secured substantial funding for global expansion.

Backend Technologies & Frameworks
Frontend Technologies & Frameworks
Client’s Challenge
TradeX was confronted with a multifaceted challenge.

In addition to the inefficient platform architecture, their legacy application’s user interface and experience weren’t intuitive, resulting in disappointing conversion rates. The urgency to expand and the need to enhance user engagement prompted TradeX to seek immediate solutions.

Our Approach
In response to the client’s pressing need for improvement, we adopted a holistic approach to address TradeX’s challenges:
Managing Agile Scrum Teams

We organized and set coding standards for three agile scrum squads, one from our company and the other from partner software agencies. We implemented a matrix management structure in which each speciality was grouped into chapters. The chapter lead managed each individual in a chapter; these chapter leads were members of our team.

Microservices Architecture

We restructured the platform into a microservices-based system, ensuring scalability for multi-team operations. For this, we used GraphQL Federation technology with more than 10 vertically integrated services.

Web Frontend Development

We built the web frontend using React, employing a shared component library across all teams utilizing Storybook and Chromatic for continuous backward compatibility testing.

Product Discovery Methodologies

To address the UI/UX issues, we implemented product discovery methodologies within our product design teams. This approach ensured that every aspect of the new application was thoughtfully designed to be intuitive for users thus enhancing their ability to transact seamlessly.

Progressive Web App

The web application was designed as a progressive web app, improving user accessibility and engagement.

Mobile Applications

Android and iOS mobile apps were developed using React Native, focusing on code sharing between web and mobile platforms, streamlining development.


Each business vertical within the application was divided into modules to simplify collaboration between different teams.

Infrastructure Standardization

We adopted an “Infrastructure as Code” approach to foster seamless collaboration across multiple teams. This allowed us to maintain a consistent infrastructure layer for all teams, deploying web applications to the cloud and backend services into an ECS Fargate container manager.

Agile Development Pipelines

In our commitment to maintaining high-quality code and ensuring a nimble development environment, we established robust Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) pipelines for each service and application. These pipelines incorporated code quality assessment tools and comprehensive test suites, guaranteeing the continuous delivery of reliable software solutions.

Challenges Faced
We encountered several challenges throughout the project

We work on synchronization among multiple development teams, seamless code sharing between web and mobile platforms, and addressing the UI/UX issues to enhance conversion rates.

Solutions Implemented
Our team successfully addressed these challenges through the following solutions:
Scalable Microservices

Transitioning to a microservices architecture improved scalability, enabling TradeX to swiftly adapt to diverse market needs.

React Native for Mobile

Code sharing between web and mobile platforms reduced development time and costs.

React Progressive Web App

Implementing a React progressive web app enhanced user accessibility and engagement.

Infrastructure Automation

We harnessed the power of AWS APIs, CloudFormation, and the AWS Cloud Development Kit (CDK) templating to automate the provisioning of 100% of the platform’s infrastructure. This approach expedited the deployment process and allowed us to systematically version control and track changes to the infrastructure, ensuring a seamless and well-documented development pipeline.

GraphQL with Apollo Federation

Leveraging Apollo Federation, we crafted a federated GraphQL backend composed of over ten services, facilitating vertical integrations across various functionalities, including user management, inventory workflows, foreign exchange integration, vehicle import rules, market management, system notifications, chat rooms, GraphQL subscriptions, and more.


Breaking down business verticals into modules simplified collaboration among development teams.

React Components Library

The shared library streamlined development, ensuring consistent user interfaces.

Product Discovery Methodologies

By integrating product discovery methodologies, every application element was thoughtfully designed to be user-friendly, improving the overall user experience.

Results Achieved
The outcomes of our efforts were transformative:

TradeX now offers a seamless global trading platform where dealers worldwide can buy and sell vehicles without the complexities of importation and transportation.


TradeX now offers a seamless global trading platform where dealers worldwide can buy and sell vehicles without the complexities of impEnhanced platform performance, improved user experiences, and increased engagement have substantially boosted TradeX’s revenue.ortation and transportation.


With the ability to cater to various markets, TradeX successfully expanded its operations worldwide, capitalizing on the multi-million dollar funding round.


This project underscored the importance of agile methodologies, modularization, code sharing, and user-centric design in achieving rapid and successful platform transformation.

Lessons Learned

This project underscored the importance of agile methodologies, modularization, code sharing, and user-centric design in achieving rapid and successful platform transformation.

Future Prospects

Thanks to the scalable and adaptable solutions implemented during this project, TradeX is now well-positioned to continue its global expansion and further refine its platform to meet evolving market demands.

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